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Jama Masjid, Delhi
The Jama Masjid, the Friday congregational mosque, in Delhi is the chief and wonderful mosque in India. It was the previous architectural extravaganza of the Mughal Emperor, Shahjahan built in the year 1656 AD with the help of 5,000 craftsmen. It was made across the road from the Red Fort. The mosque is also known as Masjid-I-Jahanuma, which means 'mosque superior view of the world'. The quantity of the mosque is 65 m X 35 m even as the courtyard is forms an area of 100 n square. The mosque has the power to hold as many as 25,000 devotees. The Lal Qila or the Red Fort stand towards the east of the mosque.

The Jama Masjid was considered as the main mosque of Shahjahan. It locates on one of the two hills, Bho Jhala in the Mughal capital, Shahjahanabad. The mosque has three gateways, four towers and two minarets. It is create with alternate use of perpendicular strips of red sandstone and white marble. The white marble has been used lengthily in the three domes and has been inlaid with stripes of black. The arrangement was located on a high platform so that its outstanding facade would be visible from all the neighboring areas. The main request hall on the west is decorated by a string of high cusped arches, which stand on 260 pillars. These pillars support 15 marble domes at various elevations. The impressive gateways are approached during a broad flight of steps in the north and the south. The hallmarks of this well-known mosque are the wide staircases and arched gateways.

The tower is complete up of five famous storeys, every pronounced by a protruding balcony. Attractive calligraphy embellishes its adjacent buildings. The initial three storeys of the tower are made of red sandstone, the fourth one, even as the fifth is again of sandstone.

The closet in the North gate of the mosque include a collection of Muhammad's relics - the Quran written on deerskin, a red beard-hair of the prophet, his sandals and his footprint, embedded in a marble slab, all of which are still preserved.

The premises of the south minaret are 1076 sq ft wide where the people assemble for the namaaz. The cost for building the mosque was roughly Rupees 10 crores. It was the replica of the Moti Masjid at Red Fort in Agra. It is supposed that the walls of the mosque were tilted at a positive angle so that at the time of an earthquake, the walls do not collapse in the courtyard but outwards. The Jama Masjid combines the greatest of he Hindu and Islamic styles of design.

The major entrance on the eastern surface was probably used by the emperors. It remains close on the weekdays.
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