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Men's Fashion Tips:

There was a time while people thought that style is a topic that just women need to be concerned about. Guys were thought to be immune to the changing fashions. Though, each one this has changed with the passing time. At present, men are as conscious of their looks as women and desire to be 'in' with the present fashion. Even as, before trying to follow the latest trend, each guy should make himself aware of the basic tips that are essential to looking good. In this view, men resolve find the fashion tips given below to be rather useful.

Fashion Tips for Guys 

  • One of the basic fashion tips that men must stay in mind is that their socks should always contest the color of the pants/ trousers. Wearing brown socks with black pants and vice-versa is a strict no-no.

  • Every time you wear a belt, make sure that it matches your shoes completely. A funky belt looks high-quality with sports shoes, while leather ones match formal shoes the best (in the same color).

  • If you suffer that your trousers is further loose and won't sit fine with a belt, it is wise to go for suspenders. Still, never forever must you carry equally belt and suspenders?

  • Every time tying a knot, produce certain that the period of the tie is sufficient to produce its end achieve the top of the belt. Neither should it fall below the belt, nor should it fall small of the said length.
  • Keep in mind the adage 'you can forever spot a gentleman by his shoes'? It holds true in the present times as fine. Since an effect, forever make sure that your shoes are clean and shining and as well suit the incident well.

  • A short-sleeve shirt, further precisely one with half sleeves, is not meant to be worn during a tie. Ties go only with full-sleeves shirts. Still better, avoid wearing short-sleeve shirts altogether, you desire to casual look.

  • Button-down collar dress shirt, initially a sport shirt worn by polo players, is now not meant for smart official wear or a double-breasted suit. Such shirts just don't look official enough.

  • The pleats even as well as cuffs of pants should be held in high examine. Still as the previous makes you look qualified and add to the comfort, the final adds weight to the bottoms of your pants.

  • Still as buying pants, make sure that the length is correct. A pair of pants should be long enough to cover up your socks and have a small break in the front as fine.

  • Sandals are meant to be worn bare-footed. Never still experiment with socks, still as wearing sandals. Since for wearing them with shoes, make positive that they are lengthy sufficient to cover your shins, still with crossed legs.

  • Still as dressing up, make sure that the colors of your pants and shirt are moreover complementary (i.e. opposite from each other on the color wheel) or come below the different pallet. Nobody moreover will do and no same-colors please!
  • Jewelry is wonderful that looks better on women only. If you are a man, study to wear up like one too. Everything further than a classy pair of designer cufflinks will be too much.

How to Dress To Attract Girls:
Smart, cool, handsome, and a complete hunk – that’s how girls tend to explain, not you, but your next door neighbor! You suffer it’s amazing, because you recognize that you include the better features, a better build, and a better everything! Though, you don’t seem to obtain the girls in queue behind you. A similar rule appears to the human race as well. How you dress defines the rules of attraction to a large extent, since, apart from the little girls with weird tastes, the majority of them like men who contain a good dress sense. This does not mean that you have to empty your bank account on branded clothes (especially since brands are usually hidden beneath collars and cannot be seen), or that you have to get into jazzy, outlandish attire to be noticed. The tip is to be smart and elegant. Study on to identify how to clothes to attract women.

How to Dress To Attract Women:

  • Include good grooming habits while this is the foundation to a good-looking appearance. Be certain to have a shower and shave (or trim your beard) before you get together women. Clean and trim your fingernails and wear a deodorant (do not overdo on the deodorant). Affect a lotion onto your skin, if it is dry.

  • Make sure that your shirt fits you well. If you are a size 40 and you wear a 46, then you will end up looking like a shirt-hanger. You would also need to make sure that it is not too tight. You do not want buttons popping, when you are speaking to a cute girl!

  • Decide light, plain colors (never go in for pink unless you can carry it off) or subtle stripes if you are leaving to a good restaurant or a superior income institution. Dark colors create you appear more grave, even as lighter colors will give you the aura of friendliness.

  • Use straight-leg jeans or pressed slacks that are neither too loose nor too tight. The baggy pants would look slovenly, and the too-tight ones would make it seem like you desire to flaunt your assets. Struggle to have a more sophisticated look by choosing khakis.

  • A blazer or sports coat would go huge to stay you warm as fine as to compliment your clothes.
  • Utilize clean, polished shoes. Go in for polished leather shoes if you are heading for a club or a restaurant. Utilize clean sneakers if you are going to a casual place. Keep in mind, the emphasis must be on clean.

  • Allow your behavior shine throughout your clothes. Do not over-dress. Stay it easy, smart, and elegant. This will create you stand out a mile, no matter where you go.

How to attract a Boy:

First impressions are very important as we often judge people directly. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. That is, if you believe you are not good-looking, you need not be upset. A little tips and a changeover are certain to capture thought and stay your man interested. Dressing well does not mean that you contain to show your skin. It basically means putting on dress that suit your body type and improve your personality.

How to Dress To Attract Men 

  • Dress to look modern and stylish and feel self confident. Mainly people think that dressing up in red attract more men as compared to other clothing colors. Clothes up in shades of red and see if it works for you. Choose the color of your dress first beside with the fits and fabrics.

  • Go to a special store for shopping clothes than your regular one. Try on clothes that look special from those that you typically wear. Be daring and take a risk as you might look attractive in a style different from your typical one.

  • Dressing yourself does not simply mean of putting something expensive on your body to attract a man. It is further about confidence, thoughts and the skill to carry a dress.

  • You can go in for a new hairstyle to update your style. A new hair color can also be great, however be subtle with your color change so that your hair color looks natural and suits your skin tone.

  • You can moreover consider buying a new make-up such as a little lighter or darker shade of foundation, powder, lipstick or eye shadow. Many departmental stores have samples of cosmetics that you can try before purchasing so; why not give it a try.

  • Well shaped and polished nails attract men. Toenails look lovely painted in a dark shade of red, while for your fingernails, you can desire a further natural look.

  • Simplicity attracts more men. You can choose to be easy rather than putting too much color to your face. Stay away from too much make-up in case you are allergic to the face powder or other cosmetics else you’ll just be scratching all over your face and have a bad feeling on your man.

  • Get a friend’s opinion on how you can wear up well to attract men or anyone. A friend who is actual would definitely help you with your personality.

  • Be yourself. You do not contain to explain off what men would like to see in you. Just show what you are without hesitating and you are definite to find someone who’ll like your behavior. Real relationships have a strong foundation and help build strong future relationships.

How to Look Hot: 2
It is equally essential for you to contain the correct attitude to carry off your look. In the following lines, we contain provided a number of ways that will offer you girls with the great answer to ‘how to look hot’.

Tips for Looking Hot

Wonderful Pair of Jeans
The correct look begins through the correct clothes. Get a pair of jeans that fits you completely, while in it must neither be too tight, nor too loose. It should fit at your hips or waist and not crawl up the rear end. Look in the mirror to create sure that the jeans are flat in the face and do not bunch. The correct must be such that the button closes well and you don’t have to hold-in your stomach.

Matching Tees
After that, obtain a figure hugging tee, to go with your jeans. While, the correct must be such that your bulges do not show, since ‘they’ do not look hot. If you are a little on the heavier side, you can go for a little loose tee. Go for colors that flaunt your assets.

Belt Mania                        
Belts, with a huge buckle, are totally in these days. Get the one that goes with your jeans as well as tee. Struggle it on initial, to create sure that it fits inside the loops of your jeans and the buckle is not so large that it perfectly takes the attention off the rest of the body.

Sexy Stilettos
To entire your wardrobe, a sexy pair of stilettos is a must. Keep in mind that sleek, pointed heels can add loads of oomph factor to your look. Though, don’t rely on just the looks. The sandals should be comfortable to carry as well. It’s no use buying that stylish pair of sandals, if every one you can do while wearing them is trip and wobble.

Chic Hairstyle
Do you identify that the correct hairstyle can totally change the look of a person? Go to the best saloon in your area and get your hair cut in a style that flaunts your face cut. After that, you require to style them up in the perfect way. However, don’t go overboard with greatly volumized, teased, curled or sprayed hair.

Right Quantity of Makeup
Sure, it is true that makeup can make a normal girl look like a diva, but you require recognizing the difference between the right makeup and too much makeup. Balancing is a must. If you desire a heavy eye makeup, keep the cheeks and lips relatively soft. On the other hand, if you are going for a brilliant lipstick, just apply a kajal and remain your cheeks soft. With flushed cheeks, eye and lip makeup must be minimal.

Seductive Smell
A seductive smell can attach the great touch to your ensemble. Stay away from floral scents, still too strong perfumes are a big no-no. A light perfume, with a bit of spicy fragrance, wills effort presently fine. Keep in mind that the scent that you wear should suit your qualities too.

Right Attitude
Finally, the most important aspect of the look, without which all the others are as fine as waste - the right attitude! You require having the right attitude to take off the physical appearance. Otherwise, all the effort that goes into creating the great physical appearance will go waste. You must have oodles of confidence and never still be conscious of yourself.


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