Temples Park & Wild Place Sea and Beaches Building and Remembers Hill Stations and Desert

It was in the yesteryears that RANI PADMINI, Queen of Raja(King) Sukherdev- the local Ruler was so impressed by the greenery of the hill station that she asked for a palace to be complete - that’s what the myths goes like and thats what the history says. It was then the Place got its name Ranikhet meaning - Fields of the Queen.

Afterward on it was improved as British Cantonment and is still considered to be one.

There is nothing of historical value; present is nothing adventurous and exciting except trekking and the Golf. It’s a rest greatest for those who love solitude. At this time new things happen - timelessness and inspiration are aroused, new meanings are reborn; myriad emotions, changing, expressed and reflected with every passing moment - the pines, deodhars, oaks, tiny mountain flowers, the jungle babbler, the undulating hills, the tree line, soothing breezes, all juxtaposed completely.

Where and Why

At present there is this eternal beauty and you wonder what to see and what not to see; where to leave and where not to leave; that's right how you feel once you are here. While there aren't any specific places to visit; it’s the entire of the hill station you resolve like to see.

Now about 13kms from Ranikhet is the Majhkhali village. You should take a trip here to watch the Himalayas stretch out and the snow peaks playing out their charms. Take a lot of photographs here as the mountains change their moods with the shadows of clouds playing with them. Catch the mountain streams flowing down along with the pine trees. Downhill on a pony you can enjoy the sceneric beauty of the hills and the village from above.











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