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Mansa Devi Temple

Apart from its well-known museums and lush green parks, Chandigarh, is the capital city of Punjab and Haryana, is well known for its very old temples as fine. Thousands of pilgrims flock the religious places of the city, during peak seasons.

Apart from the devotees, tourists also visit the temples, to catch a glimpse of the architectural beauty. Mansa Devi is one such temple, which is not only visited because of its proximity to the city, but also due to its exciting construction and the 'powerful deity'.

Mansa Devi temple is situated in Bilaspur village, which is around three kilometers to the east of Mani Manjra, adjoining Chandigarh. The temple is thronged by hundreds of devotees from every one over the country and still tourists from abroad, throughout Navratri. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mansa. People consider that the deity is very powerful and fulfills every wish of the devotees.

Until sometime back, the deity in the Mansa Devi temple was worshipped in the form of the holy 'sand', in the structure of 'pindi', which encompasses Devi Saraswati and Devi Lakshmi as fine. In the present time, a marble idol of Goddess Mansa is worshipped.

The idol becomes still more attractive while it is adorned with sparkling ornaments, through particular pujas and festivals. Tourists visit the place just to witness the festivities throughout particular event, like Navratri.

Archaeologists and historicists locate it attractive to pay a visit to Mansa Devi Temple, while they are touring Chandigarh. This is chiefly because of the legacy of the temple. Its walls are decorated with beautiful paintings of shrines and by other motifs. The architectural beauty of the temple comes from Shivalik background as fine. History reveals that the temple was constructed in the Panchayantana pattern. Therefore, it is a must-visit excursion of Chandigarh.


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